What to do if you can’t find your Clubhouse Replay recording

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Sometimes you may find yourself unable to locate a Replay recording after joining a Clubhouse room. To access this recording, we have outlined the following steps to ensure you can readily locate your Replay.

Accessing the Replays you have recorded on Clubhouse is extremely important as it allows you to review past conversations and retain valuable content for future use. It is recommended that users familiarize themselves with these procedures so they are aware of how to take full advantage of their Replay capabilities.

Clubhouse rolls out Replay to let users record live rooms and share them later

Clubhouse Replay is a new feature that allows users to record live conversations and make them available for others to listen later. After a Clubhouse room has ended, hosts are sent a recording of their session as an MP3 file. They can then share the MP3 via Timeline, or save it for private use. When another user taps the link on Timeline, they can listen to the recording just like any other audio file in the Clubhouse app.

If you have recorded a room but are unable to view or download the full recording from your timeline, please follow these steps:

1. Open the Clubhouse app on your device and navigate to Replay by clicking on ‘More’ at the bottom right corner and selecting ‘Replay’ from the list.

2. Once in Replay mode, tap ‘My Recordings’ (at the top right corner). All past rooms that have been recorded – yours and your friends – will be visible in this list (you may need to refresh if they don’t show up immediately).

3. Select the desired room recording from this list to view its details – including date/time information, duration and other metadata. You may need to select ‘Download’ before obtaining your full recording here (or use this option if it fails when tapping ‘Share’). You should now see an audio waveform visualization of your full recording with an option for downloading underneath it when selected.

4. Tap ‘Share’ or ‘Download’ under each specific Recording details page (in most cases Download will work better) as needed – this should bring up different sharing options such as email or other messaging services where you can export the MP3 file further for sharing with friends/colleagues etc.

Reasons why you can’t find your Clubhouse Replay recording

With Clubhouse Replay rolling out, it has become easier for users to record and share their Clubhouse conversations. However, there may be cases where users cannot find their replay recordings. Such cases can be due to several reasons, such as the recording not being available in your account, the recording being removed, or the recording not being shared.

Let’s explore these reasons in detail.

You didn’t save it

If you didn’t explicitly save the recording when it was first broadcast, then the chances are that the recording has been lost. Clubhouse does not keep a record of your audio if you didn’t save it to your device or within the App itself. To ensure it doesn’t happen again, save all recordings as soon as you have finished broadcasting them.

It is also possible that the recording could have been archived before you had a chance to finish saving it. You can check this by heading over to the Your Profile section of Clubhouse and under Past Rooms see if there’s a Saving failed icon in front of any past rooms — this means the audio did not successfully get saved and will no longer be accessible. It is always best practice to save any audio during broadcast, as archiving can occur at any moment and many background mechanisms are running behind Replay for it to function effectively.

You didn’t share it

If you recently participated in a Clubhouse chat, but cannot find your Replay recording, it is possible that you either didn’t share the recording or the host of the room did not upload it to their feed. Clubhouse releases recordings of chats automatically after they end. So, as long as you shared your recording and the room host uploaded it to their profile, your recording should now be available in Clubhouse Replay.

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To ensure that a Recording is saved, hosts must manually upload them to their space on Clubhouse Replay before they expire 14 hours after a Room ends. If yours did not make it online before then, users may have missed out on capturing it for posterity. Additionally, rooms with more than 5 speakers can only be recorded manually by a Moderator adding all the participants along with him/herself for this process to happen successfully.

On top of this verification process from hosts, individual audience members must also opt in themselves if they would like an audio Recording from a Room saved as a Replay. By default, all Rooms are set as Off-Record; users must hit the Record icon if they want their Recording stored on their profile page for later review via Clubhouse Replay. Make sure you have pressed record to enable personal Replays at any given time in any particular Room before the 14 hour limit expires so that your chat involvement can live on even after leaving!

You shared it but it was not recorded

If you had shared your room Link from Clubhouse but it did not appear in Replay, this means the room was not recorded. The way replay recording works is that it will start recording only after at least 3 participants join the room and consented to enable Replays. If the room is smaller than 3 people, the recording won’t start until others join to encourage more discussion.

If this happened to you, please message one of the moderators or speakers of your room who might have an iPhone running iOS version 14.3 or have already enabled Replay in their settings. They can then opt into club replays and share your original Clubhouse link so that others can view it once Replay has enabled more users to join with their consent.

Also, if someone in the session had asked for streaming permission from Clubhouse but did not specify which stream type (Live share/Screen Share/Guest Stream). In such cases, replays may fail due to a lack of live streaming permissions granted on Clubhouse’s end. Again, you can double check this with participants who might be able to provide more information on verifying these permissions before hand.

Steps to take if you can’t find your Clubhouse Replay recording

Clubhouse recently rolled out its Replay feature which assists users in recording live conversations and sharing them later. However, with the introduction of this feature, some users may find themselves unable to locate the recording.

If this has happened to you, don’t worry as this article outlines the basic steps you can take to recover your recording.

Check the Clubhouse app

If you cannot locate your Replay recording after it has been uploaded in the Clubhouse app, the first step is to double-check whether your recording was posted. To do so:

1. Open up the Clubhouse app and go to your profile page.

2. Swipe down on the profile page until you reach the bottom and look for any Replay recordings listed there (they should be amongst other content such as posts).

3. If no Replay recordings are listed on your profile page, then your recording has not been saved and cannot be retrieved.

If a Replay recording is located on your profile page, proceed with the steps below to make sure that it can be properly located and accessed by others:

1. Ensure you’ve shared the link of your Replay recording with users interested in accessing it.

2. Ensure that another user does not have more control over how their Replay recordings are shared (i.e., if they have set restrictions for who can view their replay).

3. Check if privacy settings are set for people who can view or play back any of your Clubs or rooms – this could limit access to some of your Replays records.

Check your Clubhouse profile

If you’re trying to find a recording of your Clubhouse room, the first step is to check your profile. Clubhouse records all conversations and stores them for later access. So when you log in to your profile, you should be able to see all of the replays that are associated with your account. You can also use the search bar at the top of your profile page to locate the replay you’re looking for based on its title or other associated keywords.

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If you still can’t find your replay after checking your profile, there are a few other steps you can take. First, check the app’s “Recently Recorded” section, which houses replays uploaded recently. This section is located in the Explore tab on both Android and iOS versions of the app. If that doesn’t turn up any results, try browsing through conversations marked as “Recorded” in categories like Tech & Innovation or Mindset & Mental Health. You can also search by hashtag on both platforms to locate a specific replay.

Finally, if all else fails, reach out directly in Clubhouse Room or via Twitter and connect with people who may have recorded and shared their replays from that same conversation – they may be able to provide a direct link for anyone interested in catching up on what was discussed!

Check your notifications

If you can’t find your Clubhouse Replay replay recording, the first thing to do is check your notifications. When a room is being recorded, all participants are sent a notification that their activity in the room has been recorded. This notification will appear as an alert in the Clubhouse app and is sent out shortly after the recording concludes.

If you don’t see any notifications but think your activity may have been recorded, you may have left the room before the Recording Ended notification was sent.

If you do not see a Record Ended notification and are still having trouble finding your Replay, contact other people in the conversation or contact Clubhouse’s team directly for help. You can email [email protected] or contact Twitter @JoinClubHouse with details of what happened and when you think it might have been recorded.

Contact Clubhouse Support

If you cannot find your Clubhouse Replay recording, it may be best to contact their dedicated support team for assistance. Some of the ways that you can contact Clubhouse Support include:

-Email: You can email Clubhouse Support by writing to [email protected].

-Twitter: Join the conversation on Twitter where you will be connected with the Clubhouse Support Team.

-Facebook Group: You can join the official Facebook group and speak directly with the Clubhouse Support Team.

-Live Chat: Contact the dedicated live chat team available 24/7 and they can answer any inquiries that you may have regarding your recorded session.

-Phone number: The dedicated customer service phone number is 1 (650) 260-3120 if you prefer more immediate assistance for complex problems or issues.

When contacting support, provide them with as much detail as possible about your issue, and don’t forget to include details from when your room was recorded and aired, such as time stamps and room links if applicable.


In conclusion, the Clubhouse Replay feature is a great way to record live conversations and share them later. However, if you can’t find your recording in the app you can use the steps in this article to resolve the issue.

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First, ensure you’re connected to a strong internet connection while recording and that enough space is available on your device. If these conditions are fulfilled but you still can’t find your recording, try logging out of Clubhouse and back in again or reinstalling the app. If all else fails, contact Clubhouse support; they should be able to assist you with locating your missing Replay.

Regardless of how you use Clubhouse Replay – for professional or personal reasons – it is important to remember that troubleshooting solutions exist if something goes wrong during the recording process. By following these troubleshooting instructions you should be able to locate any missing recordings without difficulty.

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